Lucky Spin Tips in Mobile Legends

Lucky Spin Tips in Mobile Legends

 - For gamers especially platform smartphone certainly no stranger to Legends Bang Bang Mobile game, although this game has been released a year ago but just booming lately.Mobile Legends game is very similar to the game Dota 2 is very popular, even staying digadang Mobile Legends plagiarize game Dota 2. Maybe this is the reason why Mobile Legends game popular quickly, because only capitalize smartphone with a minimum of 1 GB of RAM can play smoothly , in contrast to Dota 2 which requires a laptop or computer with a spec above average. 

The Legends Mobile Game features stunning games with multiple heroes to choose from and use. Each hero can be owned as long as it has been purchased with a battle point, card or diamond. In addition, Mobile Legends hero also has an appeal to its different skins depending on the level, there are Elite, Star, to Special. To get the skin hero Mobile Legends originally had to buy with diamonds, but Mobile Legends also gives Skin free for its players in certain ways. 

One of them is the feature Lucky spin, Lucky made the feature on Mobile Legends so that players can get free skin with capital luck, hero skin contained in lucky spin is only one that is permanent and the other one trial. While the other prizes are just fragments. The opportunity to get hero skin on Lucky Spin is actually quite difficult, for those who often play must know. But did you know that the chance of getting hero skins is much bigger if you use a little trick! curious tricks like what directly see below. 

Lucky Spin Tips in Mobile Legends Part 1

  1. First please look at the hero skins available in Lucky Spin in the store menu.
  2. Do not start first, please play in Classic / Braw (up), but by using hero the skin is available in Lucky Spin.
  3. If win please Lucky Spin at Start , but if lost can play again to win.

The way I've done above and successfully get Elite Miya skin, but I do not menjama 100% successful way, but please try first. Or if it still fails to use this second way that some people think is quite successful.

Lucky Spin Tips in Mobile Legends Part 2

  1. First please enter the room, can be in Classic / Area / Brawl.
  2. Then Start , when in match up mode or direct search go to Store menu - Lucky then Start Spin (this way must be fast because match up only few seconds only)
  3. If successful then you will get a permanent hero skin.

Indeed both ways are not fully 100% work, but if there is a way for greater opportunities why not used. Well, that's all tips that I can share, whether or not successful depends on the luck factor, good luck. 

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