How to setting Free Fire game play in Nox Emulator

How to setting Free Fire game play in Nox Emulator 

- In previous post I have shared tutorial tips about Free Fire - Battlleground game that is how to add friends in Free Fire game . Well on this occasion I will again share tuorial tips that are still associated with Free Fire game: Battleground, which is how to setting Free Fire controller in Nox. This tutorial I created for you specifically for those who want to play Free Fire games on PC / Laptop for several reasons. 

Free Fire: Battleground is a Battle Royal game with Android and iOS platform. In this game how to play is killing each other to be the last survive. Participants number 50 who will be placed an island, take weapons and equipment provided in several locations, then fight each other to be the last survive. 

Free Fire games are very similar to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds game in Steam, but the platform used is IOS and Android. So if you want to play Free Fire game on PC / Laptop need what is called Android emulator. One of the pretty good Android emulators is the Nox App Player. Where this emulator to controllernya can be set itself, especially the keyboard and mouse cursor. 

Free Fire itself is quite difficult to play if not accustomed, because either in Mobile or Emulator that has not been set, to look around should shift the screen or mouse. Well, for that here I will give tips for Free Fire controller can be like other FPS games such as Counter Strike, Point Blank, and other FPS games. So it is easier to see around and inceran can be adjusted with Mouse, the following tutorial. 

How to Setting Free Fire Controller: BattleGrounds in Nox

Before setting up Free Fire controller in Nox it would be nice to do it in the game directly. So please go into the game, get off the plane, and find a safe place to hide. And do the following controller settings. 

1. First please click the keyboard icon in the left sidebar Nox. 
2. Then the menu will appear on the right, here please click " Free Fire (Local) " then click " + New " to make the new settings. 

3. Next click on the controller icon I markedRed then drag it to analog position for its direction. (So W for forward, A to left, D to right and S for backward) as the controller goes. 

 Note: Usually the controller menu on the right will be lost when we set on the desktop nox, so please point the cursor to the left of the nox to bring it back.

4. In this section is very important because so that inceran shots can follow the direction of Mouse cursor. The trick please click the icon that I marked with Yellow color then drag to the middle position somewhat to the left. (So ​​if you right-click on the mouse, the cursor will disappear and the incidence of the shot will follow the cursor, otherwise if the right click again the cursor will appear) 

5. After that click the blue color controller to attack or shoot, so please drag it to the position of the bullet icon. (So ​​later to shoot it just need to left click on Mouse, but first must right click to cursor is gone as explanation in number 4). 

6. In this step we just adjust the other controller with the letters on the keyboard, how to click the controller icon that I marked with yellow and then click the icon in the game. For example on the part of my bag click and I love the letter " B " on the keyboard. (So ​​it's time to open the live bag by pressing " B " on the keyboard and doing that for other controllers like squats, runs, weapons, and so on. 

7. If all have finished click " Save or Save " 

Well, with bagitu Free Fire game controller can be like other FPS games such as Counter Strike, Point Blank, and so forth. Easy is not the way Free Fire game settings in Nox, if there are difficulties can be asked in the comments field.That is all and thank you.

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