How to set PUBG Mobile on Nox so as not to lag

How to set PUBG Mobile on Nox so as not to lag 

- After previously I shared a tutorial on how to install PUBG Mobile (Global version) on Android , this time I will again share a tutorial that might be useful for you, that is how to setting NOX to smoothly while playing PUBG .This tutorial may be useful for those of you who want to play PUBG Mobile in Nox, the article PUBG Mobile is only available on Android and iOS, so if you want to play it on a computer / laptop that notabene Windows platform must need what the emulator name. 

The best emulator to play PUBG Mobile is Nox, why? Because in Nox we can setting the controller as desired and can also be set like PUBG (Steam), or any other PC FPS game. But before that, we must setting NOX to be strong to run PUBG Mobile. Because if not setting or default setting NOX, usually when opening or playing PUBG Mobile will experience "Force Close" or PUBG stop running. And it can be a loss for yourself or a friend if you're playing in Squad mode. Well, before that refer to the reviews below on the terms of playing PUBG Mobile at Nox. 

Terms before playing PUBG Mobile at Nox

The main requirement before playing PUBG Mobile in Nox is your computer or laptop specification, because running the Android Emulator requires quite a qualified specification. For specifications, your RAM must be 4 GB, because if it is less then it will feel very heavy and lag. As for the processor and so may not be too problematic, because NOX mostly take up the capacity of RAM. 

Well, for settingannya later we will allocate half your RAM to the emulator Nox, so if your RAM of 4 GB, it will be allocated to Nox of 1 GB or more. And it will make PUBG Mobile smoothly played on the NOX app player. Well, for the tutorial can be seen below. 

How to Setting Nox to Play Current PUBG Mobile

1. First please open your Nox App Player. 
2. Then go to settings or settings, by clicking the gear icon in the top menu bar. 

3. After that go to " Advanced " menu, then choose the performance setting to Middle orHigh mode. (if you select middle mode, Nox will use 1 GB of RAM, and if choosing high mode will use 1.5 GB of RAM). Please adjust to your PC / Laptop's capability, if already click "Save changes " and restart Nox. 

The above tutorial will be able to make PUBG Mobile smoothly played in NOX, but if still lag can setting PUBG Mobile Graph to Low. For the tutorial can be seen below. 

How to Set Up PUBG Mobile Graphics to Play When Playing

1. First please go to PUBG Mobile game at Nox. 
2. Then go to settings by clicking the gear icon in the top right corner. 

3. If you have, just go to Graphics menu, then setting to Low and Smooth / Balance . 

Well, the way above is guaranteed to play PUBG Mobile in Nox will feel light and smooth, but it is also still influenced by the specification of the computer / Laptop used. So many tutorials that I can share and hopefully useful.

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