How to play two Mobile Legends accounts in one HP without apps -

How to play two Mobile Legends accounts in one HP without apps -

 Lately there is one Android platform game that is quite booming and much talked about, either because the game is pretty good or almost like other games. The game is Mobile Legends Bang Bang, this game becomes a very popular RPG game lately seen game similar to DOTA game but smartphone platform, making this game does not take long to become the most popular. 

Not only that, the game from Mobile Legends gives its own impression for the players because it presents the game with 5 vs 5 system with different heroes on each game, moreover we can play and work together with friends to defeat the opponent. Mobile Legends games can also create an atmosphere of play with Facebook friends, if previously already linked and synchronized. As for the level limit of the game, Mobile Legends has a maximum limit level to reach level 30 (MAX). In addition to collecting heroes also become one of the unique in this Mobile Legends game. 

Back to Topics, to be able to play 2 Mobile Game Games Legends in one HP is the desire for some players. Because usually if you already have a Mobile Account Legends with a high level, will have the desire to create a new one. Or if not, maybe just get a Mobie Legends Account and want to play it in one HP. If so There are two ways, the first can use multiple applications such as Parallel Space or the second one without Application. 

If your smartphone RAM mepet with minimum specifications for Mobile Legends, I recommend without Applications because RAM is only consumed by Mobile Legends only. Well for tutorial how to play 2 Mobile Legends Account in one smartphone Can be seen below. 

How to Play 2 Mobile Legends Accounts In 1 HP Without Application

1. First thing you have to do is link your Mobile Legends Account with your Facebook Account or Google Play Game, otherwise your Mobile Legends account may disappear when you change (Required). 

2. If you want to create a new Mobile Legends Account that can instantly Uninstall and Install Mobile Legends Game again, will immediately create a new one again. Do not forget after creating a new one must also be linked with a Play Games or Facebook Account so as not to be lost, but a different Facebook or Play Game account. 

3. Well if you already understand, to switch to the old account can use the following way.Sign in to your Mobile Legends Account profile in the top right corner and click the " Account " menu. 

4. Then click again the " Sign in existing account " menu to sign in and choose another Mobile Legends account. 

5. Here for entry can use Facebook or Google Play Game for the same, but here for example I use Google Play Game . 

6. If you choose Google Play games, you will be prompted to choose a Gmail account. Please select which you previously linked in the Old Account. If you choose to select a Gmail account again, select the same Gmail. 

7. If there will be a notice or confirmation regarding the change of Mobile Legends Account. Please click OK , and when told to repeat (restart) game, please restart ( OK ). 

Well then you can play 2 Mobile Legends account in one HP without the help of application. Do that to change the other account as long as it's linked with a different Gmail account. So many game tutorials that I can share and hopefully useful. 

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