How to Install PUBG Mobile (Global) Without RULE

How to Install PUBG Mobile (Global) Without RULE 

- Many games that initially can only be played on PCs can now be played on smartphone devices, for example, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. Some days yesterday exactly March 15, 2018, PUBG Mobile officially released globally, originally only released in China, although already in the play store but in some countries not yet available. 

PUBG Mobile is a battle royal based game that is played on Android and iOS platforms. Where to do the same as PUBG PC, that is all players will be collected on an island, up and down from rapidly, grab weapons plus equipment, and kill all the enemies to become the last survivor. So if you want to play PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds but do not have a PC that powers, can try PUBG Mobile which can be played for free Android and IOS. 

As I mentioned above, that new PUBG release March 1, 2018 is still in beta stage, so only certain countries can download it in playstore.In Indonesia itself is not yet available, but you can still download it with the condition of using other countries to access the play store (using VPN). 

In addition the easiest way to install PUBG Mobile you can directly download it in the form of file (.apk), as I will give this time. And this way is much easier than having to download on the playstore with the help of VPN which mostly still fail. Well, just follow the way how to install PUBG Mobile without complicated. 

 Note: PUBG Mobile is now available in the country of Indonesia, so can directly download and install on Google Playstore. For alternative download and installnya follow tutorial below.

How to Install PUBG Mobile on Android

  • 1. First please download the PUBG Mobile file below with the xapk installer application, because it is PUBG Mobile file below form (.xapk). 
  • PUBG Mobile (694 Mb)
  • Xapk Installer (2 Mb)
2. If so, install Xapk Installer application on your smartphone, then open the application.Usually xapk file format will be directly detected in xapk installer application, if PUBG Mobile has been detected directly click " Install".

3. Wait for the installation process OBB, if there is a notification click Install, Next, and Install to complete.

4. If you have finished living open game PUBG Mobile, enter with Guest or Facebook, create characters and PUBG Mobile ready to play.

5. Done!

Well, easy is not how to install PUBG Mobile games on Android, the above way is much easier than having to download on the playstore by using a VPN that is not necessarily successful. So many tutorials that I can share and hopefully useful.

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