How to Create a Moonton Account for Mobile Legends - In my previous post I shared tips on Mobile

How to Create a Moonton Account for Mobile Legends - In my previous post I shared tips on Mobile 

Legends Bang Bang on how to create and link VK accounts to Mobile Legends . Well, on this occasion I will again share the same tutorial, but this time for the tutorial is how to create a Moonton account to link to Mobile Legends. 

For the Mobile Legends player linking the Mobile Legends account with an existing account is mandatory, the article by linking the Mobile Legends account with an existing account such as a Facebook Account, Google Play Game, VK account, to Moonton account will make the Mobile Legends account secure.As a result if we do not link one account to our Mobile Legends, the thing that must happen is when we delete the Mobile Legends game then reinstall the account will never be able to return. 

So at least we need to link our Mobile Legends with one account to be safe, or can be linked together to make it more secure. To link Mobile Legends with an existing account, can use 4 accounts as mentioned above. One of them is Moonton account. Unlike other accounts, Moonton account is specifically disedikan by Moonton Mobile Developers as developers Legers for players can secure their accounts. 

Moonton account here can be regarded as the most powerful account security because unlike other accounts, Moonton Account already linked will not be removable or diunbin.Therefore linking Mobile Legends Accounts with Moonton account is guaranteed to be super duper secure. Well, if you do not have a Moonton account, can be listened to the following tutorial on how to create a Moonton account in Mobile Legends. 

How to Create a Moonton Account in Mobile Legends

Actually make a Moonton account can be done directly on Moonton official site, but for this time we will directly make it in Mobile Legends game. Here's the tutorial. 

1. First please go to Mobile Legends game, then go to Profile - Account settings , and select " Connect Account " menu 

2. Then to start linking or creating Moonton account in Mobile Legends please select "Moonton Account " menu. (If the Moonton account feature does not exist yet, you can first update Mobile Legends games in the Play Store). 

3. Next will appear Moonton account registration form, for how to register quite easily live enter the email is still active, enter the password (must be 6 characters or more, and the password must contain uppercase, small and number), re-enter the password, agree terms. If it's all " Send ". 

Note: If there is a notice about your email check, please close it. 

4. Next check the email you enter above, because the Moonton send message verification for your Moonton account. To check it can be through the Gmail application or directly from the broser by typing If you already open the message then click "Verify Now ". 

5. If successful then there will be a safe notification. 

6. Next live link or login Moonton account to Mobile Legends, to how to select the menu "Please connect your account Moonton " under the registration form like the picture in step no 3. There stay enter your gmail account password and password, if you click Confirm . 

7. If not successful please try again until there is a notification, and if successful there will be an email in the account settings as below. 

Well, it's easy not to create Moonton account directly in Mobile Legends game, so your Mobile Legends account will be safe. Similarly article about Mobile Legends tips that I can share and hopefully useful. 

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