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How to add friends in Free Fire game: Battlegrounds - 

FREE FIRE: Battlegrounds is a best Survival game based on Android and iOS.This Free Fire game in every round will put the 50 players on the remote island, where the players will be pitted to be the last to survive.The players are free to choose where to start from the plane, and the goal is only one: stay in the safe zone for as long as possible. Take the available weapons and equipment, use the vehicle to explore the wide map, hide in buildings, gullies, or among the grasses. The purpose of the game is only one, which is to be the last survive. 

Free Fire - Battlegrounds in terms of games are very similar to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, it's just a platform used on Android and iOS.How to play is easy enough, we just need to gather in a small island to get ready, plunge from the plane, find a place and the eye, then kill the enemy as much as possible to become the number one survive. For you fans of survival games and FPS, must try this Free Fire game, because the thrill offered is quite stressful plus graphics and unusual play ways will make you addicted. 

Free Fire can not only be played solo, but can also be played on a team basis. Where for his team will still be divided again into two, namely DUO and Squad. If you choose DUO, how to play in pairs or 2 players, while SQUAD play with 4 players. In addition you can also play with your friends to defeat the enemy, but before that you have to Add or add your friends terlebaih first. Well, if you do not know how to add friends in the game Free Fire - Battlegrounds can be followed the way I give below. 

How to Add Friends in Free Fire Game: Battlegrounds

1. First please open the Free Fire game: Battlegrounds. 
2. Then click on the " Friends or Friends " icon in the top right corner. 

3. If you have just select the menu " Add or Add", find the friend's name in the search box and click [+] to send a friend request. If there is a "Request has been sent" notification means a successful friend request. 

4. Next to accept the friendship please go to the menu " Friendship or Request " under the "Add " menu as shown above. 

5. Done! 

Well, that's how to add friends in the game Free Fire: Battlegrounds, so game tips that I can share this time and hopefully can help.

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